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PART 1 Characteristic Properties of Matter

LESSON 1 Our Ideas About Matter

What is Matter?

Where Did Matter Come From?

LESSON 2 Determining Density

Useful Calculations

Density As a Characteristic Property

Mass or Weight?

Archimedes' Crowning Moment

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LESSON 3 Density Predictions

Why Did the Titanic Float?

LESSON 4 Do Gases Have Density?

Deadly Density

Air Heads

LESSON 5 Temperature and Density

Changing Temperature, Changing Density

Measuring Temperature by Degrees

Just a Load of Hot Air

Density Creates Currents

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline: Meeting Nature's Challenges

LESSON 6 Applying the Heat

Heat and Changing Matter

The Properties of Asbestos: The Pros and Cons

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LESSON 7 Just a Phase

Boiling Oil

Lost Wax Casting: Exploiting Melting Points for Art and Industry

The Water Cycle: From the Sky to the Land and Back Again

LESSON 8 Changing Matter and Mass

LESSON 9 The Mystery Object

Choosing Materials for Pedal-Powered Flight

PART 2 Mixtures and Solutions

LESSON 10 Starting the Anchor Activity

The Right Material

Bicycle Ingredients

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LESSON 11 Pure Substance or Mixture?

Perfect Teamwork

LESSON 12 What Happens When Substances Are Mixed With Water?

Dissolving History

LESSON 13 How Much Solute Dissolves in a Solvent?

Solubility and Saturated Solutions

LESSON 14 Mass, Volume, and Dissolving

LESSON 15 Separating a Soluble and an Insoluble Substance

Separating Solids From Liquids

Separating Solutions and the Salty Sea

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LESSON 16 Researching Solvents

Getting Taken to the Cleaners

Mixing Colorful Coverings

LESSON 17 Separating Solutes

Introducing Paper Chromatography

The Case of the Unidentified Ink

"Separation Science" at the FBI

LESSON 18 Changing Mixtures

Changing Freezing and Boiling Points

About Alloys

The Samurai's Sword

Ice Cream in the Old Days

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LESSON 19 Assessing Our Progress

Panning for Gold

Recycling: It's Not Over 'til It's Over

PART 3 Compounds, Elements, and Chemical Reactions

LESSON 20 Breaking Down a Compound

The Electrolysis of Water

Hydrogen and Oxygen

Car Battery or Chemical Factory?

The Properties of Hydrogen and the Death of an Airship

Extracting Aluminum

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LESSON 21 Examining and Grouping Elements

The Periodic Table

Dmitry's Card Game

Element Cards:

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LESSON 22 Combining Elements

Synthesizing New Materials

Alchemy into Chemistry

LESSON 23 Chemical Reactions Involving Metals

Reactivity and Free Metals

Making Metals by Mistake

LESSON 24 Countering Corrosion

The Work Never Ends

LESSON 25 Mass and Chemical Reactions

The Mass of Matter

LESSON 26 End-of-Module Assessment

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